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Xpress-HR Services are perfect for any business that is tired with the overwhelming day to day tasks surrounding recruitment processes, human resources, benefits administration and payroll. All services are customized to meet the needs of each business and can be easily changed as your business grows. Outsourcing these daily tasks of HR, benefits and payroll will enable you to focus on your strategic business issues. Examples of some services that can be outsourced include the following (this is not all-inclusive list):

Organizational Development

HR Policies & Procedures
Effective workplace policies and procedures have never been more important than in today’s challenging and ever changing business world. It is essential for organizations to have policies and procedures developed and implemented based on best employment practices.
Effective policies and procedures benefits are:
• Uniformity and consistency in decision-making and operations
• A framework for business planning
• Direction of the organization despite periods of change
• Clarification of functions and responsibilities
• And of course, an overall sense of stability and dependability to the workforce.
Xpress-HR develops policies and procedures for our clients based on industry best practices and in position with today’s ever-changing government regulations.
Organizational Structure/Organogram Design
Xpress-HR can assist you in developing new organization designs for “start-ups” as well as restructuring current designs for existing businesses. We will work with you to formulate the best-fit design for your organization. Your “Best-fit” design will depend on what you want to achieve and your current ways of working to include your strategy, structure, rewards, processes and people.

We can work with you to deliver:
• Best-fit organization design options
• Best-fit department design options
• The re-design of business-unit structures, major functions and business teams
• Assessments on how effective your current organization structure is

Our approach is completely consultative and we will involve your management and employees throughput the design process. We appreciate that every company is different and hence every solution is different as well.
Job Analysis
Job analysis supports many critical aspects of an organization’s human capital management:
• Recruitment of the correct candidate
• Formation of competitive compensation
• Individual productivity and employee engagement
• Rationalization of work processes and accountability
• Identification of training needs
• Compliance with labour laws and legislation.

Our experts continuously stay up-to-date of changes in legislation as well as industry best practices to ensure both the processes and resulting job documentation can withstand legal scrutiny and protect our clients, while supporting the pillar of their operations.
Job Description
Job descriptions are the foundation of organizational performance, and serve as key drivers in a variety of HR functions. At Xpress-HR, the development of effective job descriptions is a critical part. Xpress-HR developed job descriptions:
• Define the jobs for performance planning, transfer, promotion, staff planning, career, and disability accommodation purposes
• Give employees written definitions of their jobs
• Provide reliable sources for compensation plan design and establishing internal equity
• Help organizations move swiftly to increase or replace staff due to increased business or turnover
• Help those responsible for work flow to perform systematic analyses of organizations’ work processes from start to finish
• Assist in meeting important compliance obligations.

At Xpress-HR, we develop job descriptions that are comprehensive, descriptive, and flexible to enable adaptation to your organization’s changing needs.
Salary & Benefit Analysis & Design
Our team has expertise developing effective salary programs that increase workplace satisfaction and productivity. We work with organizations to benchmark their existing compensation and wage structures against robust wage survey data to help ensure that employees are paid at or near market value, both geographically and within high demand (high turnover) job titles.

In addition, we assist organizations who believe they may have pay disparity issues between long-tenured staff whose wages may lag behind the market value being offered to newly hired staff. Identifying these issues and recommending solutions that make business sense is our objective. We also benchmark wage and benefit ranges for newly created positions within expanding organizations.


A full consultation will help your organization develop effective benefit programs that increase workplace productivity and satisfaction. We work with organizations to take a fresh look at their total benefits offering.

In some cases, we survey the employee population to learn what is valued. We can work with the business to get the best value for the money spent to offer a competitive benefits package to attract and retain key talent (in challenging recruiting times when unemployment rates are low).

Talent Acquisition

Strategic HR Planning
Businesses and organizations are facing new challenges with economy weakness, technology advancements, diversified workforces, skill shortages, and globalization. And if you aren’t strategically planning for the future, you are leaving your organization’s future success to chance.

When Xpress-HR facilitates a strategic planning initiative, you can be sure to have a solid and dependable foundation that will guide meaningful, outcome-based efforts over the course of future operations.

Xpress-HR’s strategic planning facilitators’ skill-sets are developed to ensure:
• National, regional, and local industry aspects are considered and addressed
• Objectives and goals are established to a level that fosters success as well as flexibility
• Gaps are identified, solutions are defined, and success factors and measurement models are established and incorporated
• Healthy team interaction and thought-provoking discussions are engaged in a controlled, supportive environment
• Most of all, that you are satisfied with the results of your efforts.

Xpress-HR follows a methodical approach to meet the unique strategic planning needs of each of our clients, incorporating customized training, work products, guidelines and resources to eliminate the guessing, minimize conflicts, and focus in on the critical future strategy of your organization.
Xpress-HR provides innovative and scalable staffing solutions to companies of any size. We offer the flexibility of either long or short-term assignments. Our Recruitment Program is fully scalable allowing you to modify the engagement of service based on current hiring needs, and can help you to reduce the Cost-Per-Hire of your employees through its unique pricing structure and team support program.

Xpress-HR provides you with the wide scope of resources needed to produce results quickly and efficiently. We become an integral part of your organization to ensure identification of qualified candidates in a timely and cost-effective manner.
Candidate Selection
Candidate Screening
Xpress-HR Candidate Screening and Profiling Service assists you in targeting the passive job seekers. This service includes the generation of resumes and a concise pre-screening process. Through this service, we will:
• Identify and generate resumes of candidates who match your job requirements
• Conduct all preliminary screening and interviewing via telephone
• Identify experience level, skill level, salary requirements, and level of interest in your company and position
• Develop a profile for each qualified candidate
• Provide each qualified candidate with detailed information regarding your company
• Refer only the candidates appropriate for additional or final interviews
Pre‐Employment Testing
Pre-employment tests are a standardized way of gathering data on candidates during the hiring process. Depending on the type of test being used, pre-employment assessments can provide relevant information on a job applicant's ability to perform in the workplace. Some Employers may have a pre-employment test be a requirement before they interview.

Reasons to use pre-employment testing, includes:
• To accelerate the hiring process: may be used to quickly narrow down the number of applicants to hire, especially if there are a lot of resumes to sort through.
• To test an applicant's skills: pre-employment tests hep see if skills match the requirements within the job description. For example, if an employer is hiring for a copywriter position, they might administer a writing test to find out if your skills match their expectations. An employer may decrease their company's turnover rate if they hire someone who passes a skills test because it shows how an applicant can apply their knowledge.
• To increase the quality of interviews: By gathering sufficient data on applicants, employers can use the results from the test to ask specific questions related to skills and work experience.

Here are some pre-employment tests you can get from Xpress-HR:
• Job knowledge tests
• Integrity tests
• Cognitive ability tests
• Personality tests
• Emotional intelligence tests
• Skills assessment tests
• Physical ability tests
Interviewing employee candidates is a critical element of any hiring process, regardless of the nature of the position. Xpress-HR works with you to develop customized interview guides to ensure that you consistently hire the ‘optimum fit’ candidate that can effectively perform the essential functions of the position. Our customized interview guides aimed at:
• Strategic alignment with the mission, values, and goals of the organization.
• Required level of documentation
• Appropriate level of screening for phased interview processes
• Required pre-interview preparation for interviewers
• Gathering of critical and relevant information
• Coordination and harmonization of interviewers’ roles

Don’t underrate the power and value of your interviews. It could cost your business more than the position is actually worth.
Candidate Orientation
Orientation programs serve as an important element of the recruitment and retention process. Many employers may recognize this and may even categorize their practice of giving new employees a handbook and having required forms completed as an “orientation program.” But at Xpress-HR we know the benefits and value a good orientation program brings to an organization.

The Benefits you get are:
• Reduced Anxiety – Good orientation programs help to reduce anxiety that results from entering into an unknown situation, and help provide guidelines for behavior and conduct so new employees don’t have to experience the stress of guessing.
• Reduced Employee Turnover – Employee turnover increases when employees feel unvalued, or are placed in positions that impede job performance. Good orientation programs show that the organization values the employee and helps provide the tools needed for successful performance.
• Reduced Supervisor Time – The better the initial orientation, the less likely supervisors and co-workers will have to spend time teaching the employee, costing additional production downtime.
Let us invest the time needed to ensure your recruitment efforts pay off, planting the correct seed from the start with effective orientation!

Talent Management

Performance Appraisal Systems Design
Performance appraisal systems are driven by business needs, organizational culture and the system’s integration with other human resource management systems. There is no a “one size fits all” model. Effective Performance appraisal Systems:
• Provide a more objective tool for measuring employees’ success
• Provide a direct line of sight for employees to the strategic goals of the organization
• Improve success rates for reaching overall organizational goals
• Mitigate employment practice-related risks by linking evaluation to employees’ self-validated job descriptions
• Provide measurement for operational/business decisions, i.e., performance rewards, compensation, downsizing, etc.

In addition, an organization’s performance appraisal directly affects employee morale and attitude, thereby determining productivity and ultimately the success of the organization. Xpress-HR designs performance appraisal systems and tools to systematically produce meaningful, measured results for our clients.
Training Design, Delivery & Evaluation
Xpress-HR helps our clients achieve the future they imagine. Whether it’s learning the HR discipline, managing a diverse staff, improving your customer service, or getting the most from a senior team, we help our clients evolve into the organizations they wish to become. Our training programs and products are delivered in live classroom settings, via web-based delivery platforms, or in combined formats to best meet the needs and desires of our clients.

• Curriculum Design & Development
Our objective of all delivered training is to improve performance and enhance employee skills. Our leadership and management level trainings not only improve participants’ performance at work, but also increase our clients’ bottom lines. Every training module we offer is developed to meet the needs of our client, while incorporating their philosophies, culture, & vision into the training.

Xpress-HR employs a study based curriculum design and development approach to the development of any training module we deliver.
Examples of Customized Trainings offered by Xpress-HR:
• Interviewing & Hiring Training
• Pre‐Employment Testing
• Performance Development Training
• Developing Performance Goals and Standards
• Criminal Law & HR: Where Your Responsibilities Begin & End
• Employment Law Updates for Managers
• Ethical Issues in Workplace Investigations
• Management/Supervisor Training
• Calculating Turnover Rates & Associated Costs
• Essential Skills of Leadership
• Improving Emotional Intelligence
• Managing Complaints
• Motivating Team Members
• New HR Practices for a New Era
• Supporting Change

Employment Compliance

Employee Handbook
Xpress-HR will create a customized employee handbook to be distributed to your employees. Designed to communicate your policies and procedures, this tool helps provide direction to your employees and protection for management. Additionally, this manual will assure compliance with applicable government Statutes.
As employment law and company policy changes, updates to reflect that change are necessary. Your handbook, under the care of Xpress-HR, is a living document as we will continue to update and have employees sign off on changes to keep your employee handbook current.

Why an Employee Handbook is Significant?
An employee handbook is your best option to communicate employment laws, expectations of the employer, corporate culture, policies and procedures and most importantly it’s the first line of guard in most employee related litigation. Creating an employee handbook is not enough by itself. You must also enforce the policies and procedures in your employee handbook fairly and consistently.
HR Compliance Audits
Whether your business is relatively new and HR-related jobs have been held by one person, or your business has been operating for several years with a fully staffed HR Department, Xpress-HR offers HR Compliance Auditing solutions that meet the needs of your organization. We provide full-service HR Compliance Audits to assess the employment practices, compliance and human resource functions within an organization.

Our consulting firm Compliance Audits examine the following key areas of the employment life cycle, compliance, and human resource functions:
• Staffing & Hiring
• Employment Practices
• Education & Training
• Time Off & Leave
• Health & Safety
• Performance Management
• Compensation
• Terminations etc.

Integrated HR Outsourcing

Outsourcing HR services relieve the company from the concerns regarding these variables and save them a great deal of trouble. Some executive directors have even claimed that as soon as they began an HR outsourcing engagement, they started sleeping better knowing that the organization’s risk of noncompliance is reduced because all the employment-related compliance requirements are already being taken care of.

Our clients get the following HR Services through outsourcing:

HR policy and manual development
Human resource policies are the formal rules and guidelines that businesses put in place to hire, train, assess, and reward the members of their workforce. Having policies written is important so that it is clear to all what the policies are and that they are applied consistently and fairly across the organization.
Manpower and staff planning
Which is also called as Human Resource Planning consists of putting right number of people, right kind of people at the right place, right time, doing the right things for which they are suited for the achievement of goals of the organization.
Job Design, Analysis, Grading
Studying positions, describing the duties and responsibilities that go with jobs, grouping similar positions into job categories, defining how work will be performed and what tasks will be required in a given job, determining the worth of one job in relation to that of the other jobs in the company so that a fair and equitable wage and salary system can be established.
Organization Structure / Organogram Design
Used to develop how groups and individuals are arranged or departmentalized to help meet an organization's goals. Designing an organizational structure requires consideration of an organization's values, financial and business goals.
Labour relation consulting
Typically responsible for developing labour policies, overseeing the management of industrial labour relations, negotiating collective bargaining agreements with the union, managing grievance procedures to handle complaints from unionized employees.
Recruitment & Selection
Identifying the need for a job, defining the requirements of the position and the job holder, advertising the position and choosing the most appropriate person for the job that comprises:
• Applicant tracking/ talent hunting
• Background investigations
• Screening Applications
• Interviewing Candidates
• Selecting & Appointing Candidates
Salary & Employee benefits
Salary is completely related to the money which is being paid to an employee i.e. salary, bonuses etc. On the other hand, benefits are the non-monetary incentives given to employees like health benefits for which the employee doesn't have to pay. Hence, our company performs:
• Salary surveys
• salary structures design,
• bonus and incentive design
Training and development
Any attempt to improve current or future employee performance by increasing an employee's ability to perform through learning, usually by changing the employee's attitude or increasing his or her skills and knowledge. We, as a consulting firm, give services related to T & D like:
• Training Need assessment
• Conducting trainings
• Employees Career development plan
• Management leadership development
• Management; Coaching & Mentoring

Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll being a crucial function for any organization demands specialization and a clear understanding of applicable laws in systematic processing of the employees payroll. Understanding this increasing requirement and also to foster confidentiality and administrative convenience, we offer a discreet range of payroll services to our clients.

Our dedicated team of proficient professionals, embedded with ability of understanding of methods relating to payroll processing, can impart you with complete payroll services for employees and top management. Our payroll specialists are imparting concurrent payroll services to enterprises.

We offer a flexible and comprehensive payroll service, which may curtail a significant administrative burden from management, allowing them to pave focus on the core business operations. Using our years of experience, we ensure that salary and tax calculations are done in accordance with the appropriate legislation. Our distinct approach to payroll services is exclusively focused upon viable planning and support to the company from start to finish.

Our corporate payroll services include:-

  • Payroll processing
  • Adherence to legal compliance in relation to payroll services
  • Assistance in struggling with tax related issues

Advantages of working with us:

  • Lower risk– The entire payroll process is automated and therefore, the risk of error is significantly reduced.
  • Great convenience- You can use a mobile device to effectively manage and track your payroll from anywhere and at any time of the day.
  • Reliable service support– Our tax specialist is ready to answer questions and helps in solving problems anytime.
  • Great efficiency through integration– When you partner with Payroll Services, you benefit from the speed and simplicity that comes your way by using a single provider. We are competent enough to connect your payroll functions with other pivotal areas, like attendance solutions, HR management, etc.
  • Peace of mind– By outsourcing the payroll service, business owners can relax because the payroll is being effectively processed accurately in line with prevailing legislation.

Our perfect payroll service will meet all your different payroll administration, right from producing customized pay-slips; making requisite deductions, i.e., tax for all your employees on the monthly basis to effectively processing payment. Our team diligently works towards ensuring you meet all your complex compliance objectives.

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Dramatically disseminate standardized metrics after resource leveling processes change.

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