How to Crack Campus Interviews

Top Skills You Need to Crack Campus Placement Interviews

Campus placements are one of the biggest events in every student’s life.

Grabbing a lucrative campus placement offer is a milestone that every engineering or degree student strives hard to achieve. It is a milestone which isn’t easy to achieve given the cut-throat competition in today’s time. You definitely need some skills to succeed in your campus placement interviews and catch recruiters’ attention.

Given the current scenario, those who are prepared and have a fair understanding of what companies are looking for in freshers have higher chances of getting hired at campus placements. In this article, we will talk about the skills you need to develop for a successful campus placement.

Key skills required to crack campus placement interviews:

Skills are not limited to only the technical skills you acquire while studying different courses in college. There are many non-technical and soft skills required in a workplace regardless of the nature of the job. In fact, these skills are in high demand among companies looking to hire fresh graduates for different job roles.

Build the top skills outlined below and increase your chances of getting hired during your campus placement interviews:

Communication Skills

Possessing good communication skills is a must these days if you wish to grab a seat in one of the big corporates.

Communication skills are not limited to being good at verbal and written communication and delivering a message clearly that can be easily understood by others. It covers much more such as choosing the right words, knowing when to take a pause, watching one’s tone, listening to others intently, and displaying a positive body language.

You can cultivate this quality while you are still in college by practicing effective communication with your friends and batch mates when working on group projects and assignments. During college internships, observe how professionals communicate with each other closely, figure out what works and what doesn’t, and try to incorporate these learning into your communication style. It will help you a great deal especially during the group discussion rounds.


Problem-solving skills are among the top employment-worthy skills. Companies prefer hiring freshers who are problem solvers rather than those who wait for others to come up with solutions for work-related challenges. This particular soft skill can give you a much-needed edge over the competition. For it means that you are capable of identifying & defining a problem, coming up with alternative solutions, evaluating & choosing the best alternative, and implementing the chosen alternative effectively.

You can develop problem-solving skills while you are still in college. All you need is to be open-minded, inquisitive, and the ability to analyze a problem in parts and not as a whole. You can also take online aptitude tests that are specifically designed to measure problem-solving skills of the test taker.

Team Player

Let’s take an example from college life. Most engineering colleges give group projects to students and to ensure completing these projects successfully needs effective teamwork and unity among the team members. Lack of it won’t allow the team to complete the project successfully and achieve desired results. The same can be linked to an organizational setting where people working in a particular department or on a project have to work in harmony towards one common goal.

Companies don’t wish to hire people who will later face difficulty in working with teams. Develop teamwork skills and become a great team player while you are still in college by taking each college project and group activity with utmost care.

Leadership Skills

Companies wish to hire leaders hence; leadership skills are a must for them. Moreover, good leadership skills are an amalgamation of a number of qualities such as planning & organizing skills, strategic thinking skills, management skills, entrepreneurial skills, change management, and persuasion & influencing skills.

It is often said that leaders are born, but one can definitely develop leadership skills over time. To become a successful leader, you need to improve your communication skills, maintain a positive attitude, have a clear vision, set definitive goals, follow concrete action plans, motivate others, have strong values & morals, and be passionate.


Although we have covered honesty as one of the qualities that come under leadership skills, it is still important to address it separately.

Personal credibility and integrity are highly valued qualities in a workplace. Companies look for candidates who are honest and have strong principles during campus placements.

They seek candidates who they can trust completely knowing they will never compromise the company’s standards.

The best way to demonstrate this quality is by giving honest answers to interview questions asked during campus placements and giving correct information while filling in your job applications.

Openness to Learning

Knowledge and skills are the most important factors companies use to assess freshers during campus placements.

Your learning should neither end with the completion of your college nor restricted only to what was taught there. Workplaces come with a competitive learning environment that will require you to constantly keep up with the changing technologies and customer demands. Possessing an attitude that allows you constantly learn new skills can win half the battle for you.

Expand your knowledge outside the academics and seek what new things you can learn within your area of interest or the job profile you want to get into. You can take up individual projects, online courses, internships or adopt other ways to gain valuable work experience to further widen your horizons.

The chances of getting a fresher job in your campus placements will increase manifold if you are able to demonstrate the above-mentioned skills to the companies. Simply saying that you have these skills won’t help. The way you conduct yourself during the campus placement interviews, your behavior, your answers, and most importantly your resume will clearly reflect whether you have these employable skills or not. Prepare to put your best foot forward.

All the best!

10 Common Interview Questions & Answers for Freshers

Congratulations! You have successfully made your way through all the initial stages of shortlisting processes such as CV Screening and Group Discussion. Now comes the most critical stage of your final selection process- Personal Interview. Here you cannot take any chance as everything completely depends on your individual performance, i.e., how you answer to the common interview questions. The situation becomes even more challenging if you are a fresher and you are facing your first job interview. Therefore, here are some common fresher interview questions and answers to help you prepare and ace your job interview.

Q1. Tell us about yourself

Here you are definitely not going to tell the interviewer about your favorite dish, movie or actor! The interviewer asks this question to analyze how confident you are and how you present yourself. The best way to answer this common interview question is to tell the hiring manager about your education and family background. However, this should not look like your life’s story and you should quickly concentrate on sharing a bit about your strengths that build the platform for further discussion about your suitability for the job opening.

Bonus Tips:
## Don’t narrate what is already mentioned in your CV.
## Focus more on talking about your achievements and learning.
## Keep it short.

Now, you can create a personalized answer to this common interview question ‘Tell me about yourself’ Your first ever virtual personal trainer for job interviews. Personalizing the answers make it easier for you to sell your skills and support them with relevant examples. It also shows that you have not crammed the stuff just to crack the interview.

Q2. What are your strengths?

This is one of the most important fresher interview questions as the employer analysis your strengths for the job role and tries to understand the challenges you might face in the new job role. Therefore, be cautious about stating any of your strengths or weaknesses. The good idea is to share strengths that are related to the job. One such interview answer sample for an electrical engineer job interview would be to talk about your expertise in evaluating electrical products, systems and, components if you are confident to answer any question related to it. In the end, also saying that you are a quick learner adds value to your strengths.

Q3. What are your weaknesses?

It becomes critical when you have to share your weaknesses, that too, with your hiring manager. However, it is never recommended to say that you do not have any weakness as it makes you look arrogant. Therefore, choose a weakness that doesn’t impact your current job role. For example, you are afraid to sleep alone can be your weakness!

Bonus Tips:

## Never brag about the strengths and skills that you cannot justify.
## Always elaborate your strengths and weaknesses with some quick examples.

Q4. What are your hobbies?

In your fresher interview questions, you can even expect some basic interview questions like what are your hobbies.  Now if you think why the employer is interested in knowing about your hobbies, it is an important interview question. The interviewer tries to gauge about your personality, your energy level and how fit you can be for the company’s culture. Therefore, share something that adds value to your skills such as travelling and meeting people if you are appearing for a client-meeting role. Even sharing some generic hobbies such as some sports or reading reflect well on your activeness.

Bonus Tips:

## Avoid sharing hobbies that can give a bad impression such as gambling
## Sharing a mix of personal and professional interests shows you a balanced person in life.


Q5. What do you know about our company?

It is one of the most important interview questions that is usually asked by a hiring manager in the beginning of the conversation to understand how much you are aware about the organization where you wish to work. Therefore, the best way to ace this interview question is to do a proper research about the company, read online about company’s latest updates, understand its business, and above all, read thoroughly the job description.

Q6. Why we should hire you?

With this tricky interview question and answer, the employer wants to see your ability to pitch your skills and convincing power. Moreover, this interview question is an opportunity to show the interviewer your willingness for the job. The best way to answer this fresher interview question is to talk about your skills and strengths that match the job role. You can even share some more examples of how you managed a few projects or important assignments in your college that reflect your strengths.

Bonus Tips:

## Share strengths and skills that are relevant for the job description, but keep it short.
## Wait and elaborate if the interviewer wants to know more about particular instances to validate your points.


Q7. Why do you want to work with this company?

Companies mostly ask this common interview question to freshers to see what they want and how much they know about the company they are appearing for. Therefore, it is always recommended to know about the company’s background, values, operations, services, and other important details.

Bonus Tip:

## Correlate your career goals with the company’s values and state how working with the company can help you enhance your skills and knowledge.


Q8. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

As a first job interview, answering this interview question becomes difficult at times.  Of course, at this stage, we are more concerned about our first year of the job and planning about 5 years seems daunting to many freshers. Don’t worry, here’s how you can ace this fresher interview question.  The idea of asking this question is to check two things mainly. Firstly, your willingness to stay longer with the company, and secondly, how well planned you are about your career goals.

Bonus Tips:
## Never give an impression that you want this job just to gain experience and then you wish for something bigger in near future.
## Keep your answer aligned with the current job role to show your interest in the company.


Q9. What are your salary expectations?

As a fresh graduate, talking about your first salary is exciting, but a difficult job. The best way common interview question is to do some research in advance so that you can confidently take a reasonable range.

Bonus Tips:

## Never ask for either a too less or too high salary package as this might cost you the job at both the ends.
## In case you still do not have any idea about a reasonable salary for the job role, you can simply answer to accept the package as per industry standards. This leaves much scope for the negotiation at the time of final offer letter.


Q10. Do you have any questions for us?

Most of the job interviews close at this basic interview question where the interviewer leaves scope for you to clear your doubts. Moreover, asking questions show that you are a confident and focused person who wants clarity for his/her job. Many fresh graduates hesitate to ask questions from the interviewer, but it is always recommended to ask some relevant questions.

Bonus Tips:

## Prepare a list of questions in advance that can help you get familiarize with the job role.
## Ask intelligent questions that show your curiosity to know more about the company, its policies, people, any specific skill you need to acquire for the given role, etc.
## Avoid asking irrelevant questions such as the duration of lunch hours, how often the company organizes parties, or how soon you will be promoted to the next level!

Preparation is the best way to succeed. Hope this list of some important fresher interview questions and answers will help you to stand out in your job interview.

All the best!

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